mardi 22 octobre 2013

Ecosafe 's Labopur fumehoods : the swiss touch !

 Ecosafe SA
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October 2013

Labopur fume hooods
    •      Approved within the standard NF X 5-211
    •      Accordance with the E.U. specifications
    •      Reasonable prices
    •      The most comprehensive range on the market from 500 to 1600 mm
    •      Versatility: molecular and particulate filters
    •      Large stock of the best sellers
    •      Many standard accessories
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lundi 14 octobre 2013

Fire protection 30 minutes

 Ecosafe SA
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April 2013

Multirisks cabinets, standard EN14470-1
Fire protection 30 min Serie 7030M
Following our customer's demand, we have decided to extend our range of multirisks cabinets, fire protection 30 min EN14470-1

Please discover the largest range of the European market
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Introduce and generate many orders thanks to this inevitable range.
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