mardi 24 novembre 2015

The EcoSafe team is pleased to inform you that our 2016 price list is now available


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November 2015


The EcoSafe team is pleased to inform you that our 2016 price list is now available.

Feel free to ask for it.


We are delighted to inform you that most of the 2015 prices remain unchanged.



Note that we introduced some changes in our product range:


  • A new catalog page dedicated to 3030M is to be found in our September 2016 catalog issue. The cabinets of this range are designed to store non-compatible chemicals inside one single storage unit. The cabinets of this range are certified according to EN14470-1 Type 30 and are FM6050 approved.
  • We have drastically reduced the number of p/n for containment shelves, perforated plates and containment sumps of the ranges 7.90, 7.90M, 7.60, 7.60M, 3030 & 3030M.
  • Some other p/n were changed to make work with EcoSafe even more simple!


The front panel of the LaboPur fume hoods has been redesigned. The air-flow control device called FilterAlarm that used to be charged EUR 249,- is now offered for free on all our fume-hoods.


Please find attached the excel file containing the sum-up of p/n changes.


The whole EcoSafe remains at your entire disposal if you require any further assistance.



Do not hesitate to contact-us for further information:


Jean Michel Thieulin
Sales Manager


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